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Set timers on your iPhone without touching or unlocking it. Just ask Siri.

Timelord is designed for sticky-fingered cooks without a free hand:

Timelord is great for any hands-on activity when you need to keep track of multiple timers.

It works great with AirPods or with your phone sitting on the counter, and you can listen to music or podcasts while using it.

Timelord is coming soon to the iOS App Store. Join the beta to use it now.


Timelord never asks for your name, email, or any other information about you. Unless you contact me outside the app, I have no way to contact you and never will.

Timelord doesn't store any information except for the timers you set. Once you remove a timer from the app, it's no longer stored.

Timelord doesn't upload any information to servers. There are no servers.

If you need help or have questions about this policy, email