I design and build software that interfaces directly with people. For the last 10 years, I’ve focused on native iOS applications.

I’ve built tens of apps from scratch and have worked extensively in large Objective-C and Swift codebases. I can help with hard problems in performance, stability, networking, persistence, concurrency, security, code quality, and user experience.

As a startup founder, I’m also accustomed to working throughout the technical stack and solving business problems in a variety of ways.

I’m experienced with both remote and colocated work. In both environments, I value thoughtful communication and emotional intelligence.

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In my iOS work, I’ve specialized in apps that interact with a complex data graph over the network and remain functional offline. Most recently I built the team calendar Pod and led iOS development on Asana.

I’ve usually worked in a startup environment. I enjoy working with dedicated designers and PMs, and also enjoy performing those roles myself. I’m accustomed to launching products on top of changing and breaking APIs.

I was an early adopter of Swift and reactive programming, and I enjoy mentoring people who are learning those paradigms and other aspects of software development.

I graduated from Stanford in 2008 with a BS in Computer Science. Find my my full CV on LinkedIn.

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