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I cofounded and developed Pod, a well-loved iOS calendar app that was acquired in 2019. Before that I led iOS development at Asana.

Apart from those projects, I've spent the last 11 years helping product companies accomplish their goals, with a special focus on the iOS platform.

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App ownership

I usually assume direct responsibility for all aspects of the mobile product, including feature development, stability, performance, testing, analytics, integration with web products, support issues, and negotiation with the App Store.

I've performed this role for young apps and for ones with tens of thousands of active users and large inherited codebases.

Product development

I've built tens of apps from scratch since 2008, often for startups searching for product-market fit on a short runway. I've collaborated with designers and PMs, and also worked alone.

I've founded a venture-backed startup and am familiar with the evolution of priorities and tradeoffs as a product moves through market fit into growth.

Hard problems

I have long experience with the special challenges of mobile software: performance, networking, security, persistence, backward compatibility, concurrency, and platform bugs.

I often collaborate with other engineers to isolate issues throughout the technical stack. As a founder I've worked in all parts of the stack and solved business problems in a variety of ways.


I've specialized in iOS development for product companies for 11 years. Before that I studied computer science at Stanford.

Find my full CV on LinkedIn.

Work style

I'm based in Madison and have had great results working fully remotely with companies in the Bay Area and elsewhere, from 1 to 500 people.

I value thoughtful communication and clear writing. With most teams I've used a mix of video chat, Slack, GitHub, shared documents, and project management software to collaborate.

I'm available for part-time and short-term engagements. This arrangement has worked well for teams with elastic development needs.

If you think I can help you, get in touch!